Qatar International Enterprises (QIE) is a privately held company focused on long-term investment opportunities both in Qatar and internationally.

QIE has three specific areas of focus, providing a balanced investment portfolio for its shareholders.

Direct Investments. QIE invests in leading companies internationally and in Qatar with the view to being a long-term partner to management and other shareholders.  Although QIE will from time to time make control investments, it typically seeks to be a significant minority investor who does not look to exert undue influence over management.  Investments are typically made in small and medium sized businesses that are leaders in their respective fields and that are typically privately held.  QIE can provide these businesses with growth capital or, in the instance of family-held businesses, solutions to succession-related issues.  Importantly, unlike most other providers of capital, QIE is a long-term investor with no exogenous pressures to exit investments over a specified time horizon.

Real Estate. QIE invests in real estate opportunities both in Qatar and internationally, with a focus on income generating assets.  In certain instances, QIE will also invest in real estate development opportunities, where the Company believes its expertise can add value.

Joint Ventures. QIE seeks to partner with companies who are leaders in their respective sectors, bringing their expertise to Qatar, one of the world's fastest growing economies and already today the richest country on a per capita basis.  Whilst the partner brings sector specific know-how to the joint-venture, QIE provides the local access and network to ensure the joint venture's success.  A partnership may in some instances include an investment by QIE in the parent company of the joint venture partner.  QIE has already set up numerous joint ventures in the following fields:

- Construction

- Structural Engineering

- Architecture

- Food and Beverage

- Retail

- Oil and Gas

- Information Technology

- Interior Design

- Landscaping